The resources used are divided into roughly 5 areas

1: Awareness Level

This mainly concerns the expulsion of diseased substances in the body, also where necessary a means can be used to supplement a shortage of body nutrients and / or stimulate the production. (Detoxing and Supplementing) Therapeutic Cosmetics also fall into this group.

2: Organ Level

This involves stimulating, supporting, relieving and energizing among others: Internal organs, the central nervous system, heart and vessels, hormones, genitourinary, proteins, metabolism, senses, stressors, resistance, Psyche-Emotion immune system , and many other areas.

3: Quant Level

This section focuses on the large systems and Biophysics. Man is a complex combination of Dynamic systems that are mutually coordinated (cybernetics law).

4: Constitutional Level

Neuro-Endocrine is the indication of two systems namely the Nervous System and the Endocrine (hormone system). That for the most part, it is centrally accepted.

5: Diseased radiation

This area is very important in our current society: where everything is overloaded with too strong radiation. Explanation on page of pathogenic radiation.