Astrid en Ruud

Astrid and Ruud have been together for over 4 years and cooperating with great pleasure. And yes we hear you say, how do you keep it all going? Actually it is fairly simple, we find the challenge together in everything we do, and live our lives with pleasure, even in sad times we support each other and not only think about ourselves.

What can you expect in our practice:

We will help you solve your specific complaint. We take every client seriously and offer support with achieving the goal. In addition, we want to deepen the most difficult complaints in order to achieve good results there too the client.

“What is your goal when it comes to your career?”

As far as our career is concerned, we have several clear goals in mind: we want to make people aware of:

  • Knowing what you take in
  • The effect of nutrition – that nutrition should be a pleasure for your body
  • The effect of medication – that medication is certainly not meant as candy
  • The effect of radiation – that gives radiation damage to nature, animals and humans

“What is your personal goal in your life?”

Our goal is: Enjoy every day with everything that is and are satisfied with it, and continue to develop in our field and on a personal level.

“What is your favorite healthy meal?”

Pumpkin soup and / or Garlic soup.

“What is your motto?”

Our motto is: “Trust your gut feeling”

— We begin where others let go —